As Tony expected, Helen avoids him at Adam and Ian’s party.

Radio Times: Kirsty gets more than she bargained for and Tony faces facts.

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  • Brian is surprised to see Adam so early; he has come to check on the lambing and to keep out of Ian’s way, busy cooking for their party tonight. Brian warns that they have a hard act to follow after Susan’s party.
  • Helen is up for some exercise with Kirsty – but not in Ambridge. She is a bit fussy about which pub they stop at for lunch and Kirsty worries that she is pushing herself too far; as usual, Helen knows best.
  • Pat and Tony are early arrivals at the party; Ian is surprised to learn that they have not yet seen the nursery but assures them that the mobile looks lovely. When Helen and Kirsty arrive and are asked how the walk went, they have different responses: “lovely” and “long”! It does seem to have taken its toll on Helen: she pleads tiredness, makes her excuses and leaves before the food is served. How ridiculous is that: a party given by the village’s top chef and she leaves before the food! Tony manages to say hello to his daughter before she goes; he concludes that she will be tired for the rest of her pregnancy – when he is around.

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