The panto goes well, though Lynda is anxious about the reaction of a critic.

Radio Times: Lynda’s on edge for the first night of the panto, and someone has a close encounter with Sabrina Thwaite.

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  • It’s the first night of the panto and there is a full house. Jazzer reckons it’s his fan club. Fallon recruits him to help her with her dress; she observes that he’s used to helping girls out of their dresses – just reverse the process! Harry thinks his make-up has been overdone; Nigel thinks his is excellent.
  • Coriander has secured a front row seat, so that Oscar can see, and she has Joe for company who reveals that he has been in past productions. Lynda is rather disconcerted to see that Tristram Hawkshaw, the new director of FLOS, is in the audience; even worse, he is making notes. Harry assures her it will be fine.
  • In the second half, a lot depends on Harry and Fallon. Coriander is impressed; they are really good, so good that she wonders whether they are an item but Joe thinks not. Oscar is a bit upset when the cat leaves but, after the show, is allowed to meet Sabrina, still in character, to put things right – lucky chap.
  • Tristram has dashed off straight after the show but Joe is able to tell Lynda why: he is writing a review for The Echo and they are holding the presses for it. Lynda is worried about a bad review while the show is still on but Nigel urges her to keep in mind why she did it – for Oscar; he has had a wonderful evening.
  • … and mercifully not a mention of Helen and Tony; it can’t last!

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