It seems that an uneasy truce prevailed on Christmas Day at Bridge Farm.

Radio Times: Nigel makes an intriguing discovery and there’s a disappointment in store for Tony.

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  • Nigel is still enjoying swishing around in Rick Turnip’s cloak but Lizzie points out that there is work to be done at Lower Loxley, not to mention the panto, starting with putting up the “Happy New Year” banner over the front door.
  • Tony has done the milking today, to give Tom a lie-in. He and Pat review their Christmas Day; it went as well as they could have hoped for in the circumstances. At least there was no row but Helen didn’t stay long. She seemed to like the cot they gave her and Tony would like to assemble it for her – if he is allowed to.
  • Kenton is recruited to do something useful and help Nigel with the banner, which they find in the attic. It would, he suggests, look much more impressive on the roof. Like naughty schoolboys they tease Elizabeth by calling down to her from their lofty perch. She is not amused and urges them to be careful and come down before they give the children ideas.
  • It seems there will be a problem about delivering and assembling Helen’s cot tomorrow: she has arranged to go for a country walk with Kirsty and she didn’t offer an alternative time. Tony reads a lot into that. They will see Helen tomorrow at Adam and Ian’s party and maybe it will be easier in company.
  • Back in the attic, Nigel finds a brooch wedged in a crack. It’s a bit grubby but Nigel recognises it as one of mummy’s; she loved it. He will have it cleaned up and will give it to Lizzie on New Year’s Eve; Kenton doubts if that timetable is feasible but Nigel insists he is up to the challenge.

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