Helen maintains her hostility – and there will be more tomorrow.

Radio Times: Chris and Alice serve up a dose of Christmas spirit, but there is a frosty atmosphere at Bridge Farm.

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  • A tale of two parties. When Alice and Chris arrive at Susan’s party they find everybody being polite, thoroughly bored, and looking for an excuse to leave early. Enough of that! The youngsters, working well together, change the music and the mood and the games begin.
  • Tom looks in at the new nursery when he calls to pick up Helen; Ian has done a good job; Helen agrees that the mobile looks good too.
  • At Lower Loxley, the last present has arrived in the nick of time. Nigel has organised some easily prepared food to give Elizabeth a rest. Ah!
  • Ambridge View is swinging now; they didn’t put up much of a fight when the Chris and Alice introduced the change of gear. In fact Susan is now worried that the food has run out and nobody looks like leaving any time soon. That’s a result, isn’t it?
  • At Bridge Farm, supper was a great success and the Christmas tree is now looking good but Helen pleads tiredness and breaks up the party early. She will come again tomorrow morning. Tony is distraught: he thinks that Helen can barely bring herself to look at him.

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