At Brookfield, thieves make hay while the NFU dine.

Radio Times: Elizabeth and Nigel deck the hall, and there is a nasty surprise at Brookfield.

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  • How exciting! The skating rink is ready at Lower Loxley and Nigel wants to skate right now – but he is too busy. Lewis has it all organised, with an army of ‘elves’ to run it; he is a wonder!
  • On their way to the NFU lunch, David expresses the view that he would have been reluctant to go to college if it meant being saddled with such debt. Felpersham would indeed be cheaper but there is no guarantee that Pip will get a place.
  • Eddie visits Lower Loxley for a copy of the car park rota and gets an update of the progress of Deck the Hall. When busy Nigel threatens to pull out of the panto, Eddie does his best to dissuade him, as does Elizabeth. Eddie himself is facing a one-man double act after Nathan’s withdrawal.
  • Back home at Brookfield there is something wrong. They have had burglars and have lost half a barn full of hay. The loader has not been taken though it has been moved – probably used to load the stolen hay.
  • At Lower Loxley the decorations are coming together. There is some doubt about the Darrington Choir as they have several sick singers; more worrying is the fact that one of their Father Christmases is croaky. (What? I thought there was only one!)
  • David learns that his insurance will cover the loss, though buying in fodder will cost an arm and a leg; probably their premiums will go up. Ruth realises that the thieves must have known about the NFU lunch and hence that farms would be deserted. They should organise a Farm Watch meeting; it has been too long since there has been one; David would love to catch the beggars.

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