Pip seems set on going to Felpersham University.

Radio Times: Will lays down the law, and Pip makes her mind up.

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  • When you weigh in at 558kg, getting pushed around does not come easy. Perhaps David’s bull knows where he is going, eventually to the Christmas dinner plates of Ambridge customers. Pip and Ruth face a more pleasant prospect: a journey to look over another possible agricultural college.
  • Will has sorted his beaters – almost; he cannot rely on his dad these days. Brian has actually bought one of Eddie’s Christmas trees; best not to ask where it came from.
  • Ruth is more impressed by the college facilities than Pip, who was more interested in the business management and marketing – not a patch on Felpersham. Perhaps she should talk to Brenda, who did marketing there.
  • Ruairidh seems to have got over his ordeal; in fact he has told Brian that he really enjoyed it. Kate explains that she has an assignment to do in South Africa and is therefore staying an extra two weeks. Kate sounds out her father about a laptop for Phoebe and lets slip that she has promised Phoebe a trip to South Africa next year; Brian thinks it would have been a good idea to talk to Roy and Hayley first.
  • Will thinks his father has a nerve selling Brian one of his own trees. Eddie pleads innocence. Surely William would not shop his own dad – for something he didn’t do, of course. Don’t push your luck, dad.
  • Ruth has had a call from Usha: Amy has got the Felpersham job and Usha is delighted. Pip tried to talk to Brenda but talked to Tom instead; he has given her the financial implications of going away to college, so Felpersham is definitely the front runner – if she can get the grades.

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