Kate reluctantly takes Ruairidh on a treat and makes a mess of it.

Radio Times: Tony longs for some peace and quiet, and there is an unexpected treat for Ruairi.

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  • It’s nice to spoil her grandchildren with big presents but Jennifer’s plans are scotched by Kate: however they go to South Africa it will cost more than they are worth. Small presents only!
  • Tony doesn’t know what to say to Helen these days, so he hasn’t got in touch to see what she wanted yesterday. Pat really thinks Helen has turned a corner.
  • Kate has taken Phoebe for a pizza and has been coerced into taking Ruairidh too. Phoebe regrets that she cannot spend Christmas with Kate. Failing that, she wants to talk to Kate every day but dad’s computer is useless; could she have her own laptop for Christmas?
  • Kathy bemoans the fact that Jamie is doing no work. Pat doesn’t help by recounting Tom’s school career. But maybe an invitation to Sunday lunch might help; this is not to Tony’s liking – he has seen enough of Kathy lately.
  • Instead of going to a film, Phoebe suggests a visit to Laser Fray. Little Ruairidh was not so good at it as Phoebe and felt a bit neglected as Kate concentrated in dodging her daughter. Now he is paying the price for all the cola he was allowed to drink earlier; he feels sick.
  • What were you thinking of? That’s Jennifer’s reaction. Ruairidh is in a bit of a state, waking up from a nightmare: he was in a dark maze, all alone, and people were shooting at him. Kate should have paid more attention. Her defence cuts no ice: it was Phoebe’s treat because, though she doesn’t know it yet, Kate will be going back to South Africa soon and it will be for rather more than the couple of weeks Phoebe is expecting.

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