Jolene confides that she is still finding that Ambridge holds too many memories of Sid.

Radio Times: Ian won’t take no for an answer and Jolene comes clean with Kenton.

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  • Jolene is on the ball: she has realised that the date for posting cards to New Zealand is near, so she is writing a card for Lucy and family. It triggers memories of Sid.
  • Kenton is persona non grata at Lower Loxley, having caused a row with an antiques dealer who (allegedly) was ripping off his aunt Peggy. He calls at Ambridge Organics with the idea of having lunch with Kirsty. Too late! With collusion from Kirsty (who therefore cannot go out to lunch), Ian insists on taking Helen out for lunch.
  • Fallon relates the events of the panto rehearsal to Jolene, in particular the bit about she and Harry getting carried away – only with rhyming couplets but Jolene jumps to the wrong conclusion.
  • So Kenton ends up in The Bull and persuades Jolene, who was planning on having a rest, to talk to him. She confides that she is perpetually tired; she needs to get away from Ambridge where everything reminds her of Sid. Kenton knows how she feels: he ran away to sea – twice. But does she really want to be somewhere that doesn’t remind her of Sid.
  • Over lunch – which he insists that she eats – Ian is very supportive; he offers to decorate Helen’s nursery. Why can’t her dad be like Ian? Later, Helen calls at Bridge Farm to say that she appreciated dad calling yesterday and to apologise for having ‘lost it’ with her mum. She has started thinking of names: Henry or Megan are the current favourites.

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