Bert puts his foot down and escapes the rehearsal to attend his retirement party.

Radio Times: Bert shows he’s the retiring type.

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  • There’s a conflict at the rehearsal: Lynda wants all the dwarves to rehearse together but Bert is overdue at his retirement party.
  • At the party they are thinking of sending out a search party. David escapes when Usha appears but Ruth assures her that her intervention did make a difference; they will work things out but it will be a long road back.
  • Joe finally snaps and leads a revolt of the little people: not another moment will they stay at the rehearsal. Even Kenton is roped in and he wasn’t invited to the party.
  • David berates his brother for not telling Kathy about his mistaken proposal; he has tried but does not want to spoil Christmas. Phil’s speech goes down well; Bert does not know what to say. He seems very keen to keep any eye on Freda who is at the bar!
  • As David takes the boys home, Kenton is encouraged to seek an occasion to make a big gesture of giving his lovely ring to Kathy. She will be delighted.

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