Helen livens up Tom’s party in a way she will ultimately regret.

Radio Times: Jazzer and Helen are here for the deer.

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  • Bert is enjoying day one of his retirement. When David gets a call from Pip to pick her up from school, Bert offers to help – but only by getting out of his way!
  • Jazzer needs some persuasion to don a reindeer costume for Tom’s customer reception; he wants more money than for looking after the pigs; pride comes at a price. Helen, looking more presentable after her binge, is doing it purely out of family loyalty.
  • Pip seems happier than of late; she is clearly pleased that a boy at school seems to be tiring of his girlfriend and she is developing an interest in the cows.
  • Tom is disappointed that The Echo has not sent a reporter to his party but the photographer from the Hollerton Advertiser is having a field day photographing Jazzer the reindeer, who gave his name as Rudolph. Brenda reassures Tom that the lack of new customers is not so drastic: the party is partly a “thank you” to existing ones. Helen decides that she and Jazzer deserve a drink or three.
  • Bert is impressed by Pip’s knowledge; it didn’t take David long to find his replacement herdsman. In fact Pip is keen to be responsible for looking after two of the cows during the holidays and David is sure she can do it.
  • Tom is annoyed because Helen is clearly the worse for drink – and Jazzer even more so. His initial plan is to take his sister home but when their behaviour deteriorates he just chucks the pair of them out.

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