Both Matt and Lilian are beginning to sound desperate.

Radio Times: Sid gets tough with the slimming club.

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  • Jolene is still frustrated about the lack of sales for the speed dating. Lilian still thinks it will be all right on the night – she’ll just give the Young Farmers a call.
  • Annabelle is beginning to sound annoyed at the number of calls she is having from Matt and how many meetings he is expecting.
  • Funnily enough, the Young Farmers already have something planned for Valentines. And Lilian can’t think of anything unless Freda prepares her something. Jolene actually tries to make it clear that Freda isn’t Lilian’s personal slave. The answer to this is obvious to Lilian – employ an assistant!
  • Clarrie is horrified to see the arrival of Fat Paul at her Slimming Club – her scales don’t weigh that much. Eddie seems to have done well though – he’s lost 2lb even though Clarrie has only lost one on the same diet – that’s odd. He is Slimmer of the Week! Sid’s “talk” at the Slimming Club turns out to be an exercise session! Most of them even seem to struggle with the warm up! Sid is very disappointed! They need taking in hand!
  • Matt turns up in the Bull with Annabelle. Lilian is determined to serve them but it is all very awkward. Matt tries to cover up for it but Annabelle makes it clear she’d rather stick with their “working relationship”.
  • Later Eddie and Lilian end up meeting together on the village green, both keeping away from where they should be. Eddie tries to convince Lilian there are single men around Mike or Jazzer….

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