The speed dating is a disaster but Mike and Lilian console themselves.

Radio Times: Lilian unleashes her secret weapon at the Speed Dating.

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  • Kirsty is desperate to encourage Emma to turn up at the speed dating. Lilian has been putting the pressure on – on Helen as well. When they turn up it is awful, just Jazzer and some of his mates and Nathan Booth! Jazzer seems to see it as an opportunity though! But it’s too much for Emma, she just goes home.
  • Mike turns up to have a look at the speed dating and he is another one bullied into it. Lilian could do with a hand. Then she lets out the news that it is Will who has bought No 1 the Green. Roy will be devastated. Once Jazzer knows he is keen to spread it around – especially to Emma.
  • Mike and Lilian end up outside on the bench again. Lilian is still miserable and realises it must be even worse for Mike. Neither of them intended to end up alone.

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