Roy is furious with Will for buying No.1 from under their noses and Emma is equally annoyed that he hasn’t considered George.

Radio Times: Will has a reversal of fortune.

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  • Will is encouraging Clarrie to think about where her holiday will be. Better than Joe is doing – he can’t think of anything. Meanwhile, Clarrie tries to persuade Will not to show off in front of Ed too much. But Will doesn’t care – it’s Ed’s problem.
  • Adam and David are preparing for their public meeting. Still no guarantee about what Bert is up to. Adam takes the chance to tell David about the new will. So it’s obvious why Adam isn’t exactly thrilled.
  • Roy takes Will on about No.1 the Green – how can he call himself a friend. Flashing his money around when he knew they were looking for it. Will doesn’t see it like that. It’s all down to who offers the most. Roy asks him to withdraw the offer, but he won’t budge – he will rent it to them though. Even Roy can’t believe Will is that stupid. Then Emma also lays into him – how selfish can he be not even to think of George. William has had enough – he’s fed up with people telling him what to do.
  • Brian tries to discuss the farm with David. David tries to see a way round it but Brian won’t move. Ruairi is his son and he won’t write him out of the farm and will do his utmost to see he is interested.

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