Phil has stars in his sights. Pip has stars in her eyes. Nic thinks Will’s a star.

Radio Times: Pip grows up too fast for Ruth.

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  • A somewhat coy Heather admits that she has been in touch with Jim. Her grand-daughter has romantic inclinations, too, and she’s off to meet her new boyfriend. Ruth thinks she should know more about him, and doesn’t approve of Pip’s makeup. Heather thinks a Young Farmer must be a suitable boyfriend but Jill, having had long experience of Young Farmers, begs to differ.
  • Phil is delighted that Daniel is starting to share his interest in the stars. When Heather suggests buying a telescope, Phil says that’s just what he’s been thinking. And it would be a whole lot safer than an air rifle.
  • Will has great plans for spending his inheritance. He buys Nic a new coat, and mulls over the idea of a trust fund for George. Nic seizes the moment and asks again about having an allowance.
  • When Pip returns, Ruth’s hopes of some communication with her are dashed; Pip needs to phone Izzy. Clearly, says Heather, it was a hot date. Ruth wonders when she will get her sensible daughter back again. With the voice of experience, Jill says she won’t.
  • Nic’s plea for an allowance makes Will realise how isolated and lonely she is at Casa Nueva. He offers her driving lessons. That way she’ll soon be able to visit her mum and her friends. Nic is delighted, and rewards Will with a big kiss.

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