Brian and Jennifer find out about Simon and David and Ruth worry about their accomodation future.

Radio Times: Brian’s suspicions are confirmed.

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  • Debbie’s in a bit of a mood, unlike her mother who’s pleased because she’s received a postcard from Kate. It might only say “Hi, love Kate” but it’s something. It’s from Lake Rudolf, apparently in Kenya, although there was no stamp to Jennifer had paid the excess postage! Debbie’s still annoyed at Brian’s attitude to her buying Grange Farm – Brian, though, isn’t really up for changing his mind.
  • David and Ruth, hoping for a quiet, cosy night, are a little nervous ahead of their meeting tomorrow evening. They’re sure it’s so that Phil and Jill can discuss their reclaimation of the farmhouse – they’re worried about how the kids will respond to moving make to the bungalow. After all, Phil won’t retire for a while, yet ….
  • George and Lynda are out walking, searching for orchids. When Brian (on whose land they’re walking) arrives, Lynda’s very defensive and stand-offish (as are most the village). He’s trying to be jovial, but he’s put on the back foot somewhat when Lynda tries to bounce him out with a surprising delivery – that the family must be rallying around Simon in his hour of need amid these scurrilous accusations? Brian makes his excuses and leaves …
  • Brian’s almost pleased with the news, revealing it first to a surprised Jennifer and then asking Debbie if there’s anything on her mind? He’s full of “I told you so” and another trying to attack him for the way he and Debbie met – something about young female students? Debbie’s intent on standing by him, but Brian doesn’t want her to “come crying to [him] when you realise that I’ve been right all along.”