It can get worse for the Grundys and Lynda finds out about Simon’s suspension so the whole village will know soon.

Radio Times: Roy lets something slip.

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  • It’s 5am and they’re awake at Grange Farm. The milking routine is a tough one to break. Clarrie’s worried about her interview with the housing officer later tday and, as it turns out, she might have had cause. She mentions that Eddie had left the demands for payment unopened and, as such, it might be construed that their position was avoidable and that they could be classified as deliberately homeless. The housing officer wants to talk to Eddie about it.
  • Rubbing salt into the wounds Borchester Land’s valuer visits too, assessing the farmhouse for delapidation – and it doesn’t look good.
  • Lynda spotted Simon in the public library and Roy spilled the beans that he’s been suspended from the university so couldn’t use that library.
  • Bunty and Reg have relented and won’t object to Alistair adopting Daniel – Shula is delighted.