The Grundys’ options are running out and Simon’s suspension is about to become common knowledge …

Radio Times: Will Matt reconsider.

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  • The Grundys meet with Ted Burns, the rep from the Tenant Farmers Association. He’s spoken to Matt Crawford who’d spouted the party line – that the Grundys were in breach of their tenancy. He’s seemingly not interested in entreaties, but Ted suggests a few courses of action. Joe’s not interested though – he’s well and truly thrown in the towel. Ted thinks that the farmhouse will be sold off and the land integrated into the rest of the estate. In the first instance he intends to lobby each member of the Borchester Land board, pointing out the effort that the Grundys have made and the general state of farming in the country. Also pointing out that the publicity of evicting tenants is probably not what they would want.
  • Betty offers to help Roy buy some new shoes for Phoebe, but he politely declines – Hayley’s helping him. Betty not sure that she should, but Hayley doesn’t mind. Betty’s enjoying looking after Phoebe (it’s better than working in the shop), just as Hayley arrives to take Phoebe into town to meet Roy. Clarrie arrives looking for Joe, who’s gone walkabout again. She’s still upset and Betty, who’s been through it all, offers a shoulder to lean on.
  • Roy and Hayley meet in town after his lectures finish and he passes on some juicy gossip he’d heard. Talk of Simon’s suspension is doing the rounds and the concensus seems to be that the student who raised the complaint is to be believed – after, she’s got plenty to lose too!