Siblings both: Phil and Brookfield face changes and Chris admits that she’s getting older too.

Radio Times: Chris is stuck up.

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  • Chris is still suffering with her back, but she thinks it’s going better. She’s going stir-crazy not being able to ride and a quick trot around the yard on Boris ends in her not being able to get off. George and Peggy eventually succeed in helping her down and she’s learnt a lesson from that!
  • Ruth and David aren’t looking forward to the meeting with Phil and Jill – but they quickly realise that it’s not as they expected! While the prospect of having to pay out around £35,000 per year in order for the farm to be able to afford to have Phil and Jill live somewhere new is daunting, there’s the future of the farm (and the family) to think about. David is stunned by the news – Phil retiring?