Ruth and David realise that taking over the farm will not be plain-sailing.

Radio Times: Pork is off the menu.

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  • Shula’s abstinence is tested by Daniel wanting to bake a cake, but she’s seeing it through – and Alistair’s temperance is helped by not going to the pub recently!
  • Hayley’s out walking Majorie’s dogs (Mrs A is away for a fortnight, on holiday with a friend who’d won a trip) and bumps into Shula’s who’s posting the papers for Alistair’s adoption of Daniel.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth are discussing the twins’ godparents and wonder how to divide up their six siblings/siblings-in-law. Lily “gets” Shula, Ruth and James, while Freddie will have Alistair, David and Camilla (the latter anticipated being almost required by Julia). Nigel is also working out clues for their oddity trial and oblique is more the word ….
  • Ruth and David are having some real troubles with the proposal that’s been handed to them. That they were blind-sided by the idea is obvious and they need to consider everything carefully: from their expenditure, their children’s needs (education and such), the possible third child, as well as the future of the farm. When looking at the figures, David thinks that the pigs, newly expanded but with an uncertain price future, need to go if Brookfield is to be rationalised. Ruth’s not happy at this prospect, nor with giving Neil the push so soon after hiring him.