Phil and Jill’s news is met with different reactions by Shula and Elizabeth.

Radio Times: The sisters are divided.

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  • Shula’s over for lunch, having a break from the stables where, with Chris still feeling chastened and sore, she’s busy. She’s happy that the adoption process is now under way and is also happy with her parents news about their future. She’s happy with their proposal that she and Lizzie should inherit the house that they eventually buy and that David and Ruth should take on the farm. (Kenton’s already had his share when he was dug out of trouble a year or so back.)
  • Joe was in the shop and didn’t have enough change to buy all that he’d been sent to get. He refused “charity” from both Betty and Hayley, but later Hayley, when she saw him sitting alone near the playground, asked him if he would look after Marjorie’s dogs while she was away because she couldn’t manage them on her own.
  • Lizzie dropped in to Brookfield – Nigel was looking after the twins and she’s a few spare hours and almost no idea what to do with them! She hears the news and her only reaction to them was that it was a bit sudden. When she got home, though, she was fuming and couldn’t quite believe the news …