Jolene’s becoming more demanding, Eddie’s coming off the rails big-style and, maybe, is taking it out on Brian’s car.

Radio Times: Eddie shoots his mouth off.

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  • Sid and Jolene are at the gym and he can’t go back to her place before returning to the Bull as he’s got to go into town to replace his mobile phone. She’s becoming increasingly demanding of his time ….
  • Ruth and David are facing some decisions over the future profitability of Brookfield if they are to take on the payments for buying some of the land. This would involve keeping the cows, but maybe losing the sheep as well as the pigs, despite the effort involved in setting up the lamb co-operative with Home Farm.
  • David suggests that they might instigate a petition to Borchester Land – it’s not much, but it might generate some publicity to bring attention to the plight of the Grundys and other small-holders like them.
  • Eddie’s got the bill for the delapidation to Grange Farm – £18,500 – and he’s met with the housing officer who is still considering whether they can be classed as intentionally homeless. He commiserates in the pub and everyone buys him drinks. He gets increasingly belligerent, he’s not losing his dignity as much as had it taken away and, eventually, Sid asks him to leave. Soon after, although we’re not sure the events are connected, a car alarm sounds and Jennifer discovers that a brick has been hefted through the window of her car.