Brian’s horrified, but Debbie’s overjoyed, to hear of Simon’s reinstatement and Debbie’s joy doesn’t stop there as Simon proposes.

Radio Times: Brian is on the losing side.

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  • Phil and Jill are watching the cows happily wander outside for the first time this spring, Phil allows himself a small smug grin for the fact that they managed so will over the winter with his suggestion grassland management. He’s less convinced, though, about David’s idea for a petition.
  • Simon’s cleaning the flat when Brian calls (he’s a little early to collect the car from the garage). Brian brings up his suspension and his pleasure in, making it clear that he supports the girl and hopes that this is the end of his career … Simon, though, manages (eventually) to get a word in edgeways and to deflate Brian’s sails by reporting his reinstatement as off tomorrow. The girl, without provocation, has dropped the accusations. At this point Debbie arrives home to get some rest before hitting the lambing sheds at midnight, thus she finds out and is very pleased.
  • Joe’s looking after Marjorie’s dogs and, in more normal Grundy behaviour, we hear Clarrie tell him off for using her hairbrush for their grooming!
  • Simon and Debbie have a celebratory meal, plotting their attempted takeover of Grange Farm. Debbie’s so pleased that Simon’s been exonerated. He’s overjoyed too and takes the opportunity, in the middle of the restaurant, to drop to one knee and propose. Debbie doesn’t take long in delightedly accepting.