Lizzie’s want more than half a house – and Ruth and David have hard decisions about how to keep Brookfield profitable.

Radio Times: Nigel tries reasoning.

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  • The twins have been a little troublesome this week and Nigel thinks that they’re reacting to their mother’s mood. She’s still stomping around the place unhappy that she’ll “only” get half shares in a house and not a part of Brookfield – her, and her children’s, heritage. Nigel points out that they’ll have Lower Loxley, but she’s adamant that they’re Archers too and should have what’s rightfully their’s. She’s adamant about this and plans, against Nigel’s advice, to have it out with them tomorrow.
  • Graham’s on the phone to Ted Burns (who’s been on to Matt already). Neither are making positive noises – indeed, Matt’s intrigued about Debbie’s proposal and would rather Brian didn’t know about it for now … (he was also amused that Debbie’s boyfriend was older than her – memories of last year’s shoot?)
  • David and Ruth have received their business consultant’s report and it’s vicious reading. If they’re to make a profitable rationalisation he advises to ditch the pigs, look carefully at the sheep and even suggested one scenario that loses the cattle, too. They’re a little stunned be it all and would rather Phil and Jill don’t hear about it for now.