Pat and Tony look to the future, but Lizzie rather wouldn’t and is unhappy with her parents’ planned bequests.

Radio Times: Tony’s future is clear.

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  • Eddie’s back to his old tricks – two dozen car batteries in the van – and she doesn’t want to know! She’s glad that Joe’s distracted with Marjorie’s thought, even if he’s using her best towels to dry them!
  • Things are bright at Bridge Farm, plenty of plans afoot for lots of new vegetables and the future’s bright. There’ll be plenty of casual work for the likes of Eddie, too.
  • Phil and Jill have worries piling up though. Bert and Freda don’t seem to want to leave the bungalow and they’re no closer finding somewhere to live themselves. Worse it so come though. It’s stormy outside and Lizzie’s drops by under her own little black cloud. She’s livid at who she perceives she’s being ignored in the shareout of her parents’ estate. She feels that she – and her children – deserve a share in Brookfield. Doris left Shula Glebe Cottage, David gets the farm – where’s her birthright? Who cares for her children?
  • She storms out and leaves two unhappy parents behind her.