Jennifer seems to be alone in being thrilled with Debbie’s engagement and Lizzie’s still unhappy with her parents’ plans for Brookfield.

Radio Times: Elizabeth wants her finger in the pie.

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  • Jennifer’s thrilled by Debbie’s news, Peggy is more sceptical and when Brian displays his obvious disgust, it seems as though Peggy’s pleased as it least it means there is a dissenting voice and it doesn’t have to be hers. Jennifer is disappointed that Debbie wants a small ceremony, but if it’s what she wants then that’s fine – she’ll just going to have to work on Brian to bring him around.
  • Nigel’s still working on the oddity trail at Lower Loxley, leaving the plans for rebuilding and the shop to Lewis. Lizzie, though, has other things on her mind – Phil and Jill visit to discuss these. She’s unequivocal – she wants to be left an “interest” in Brookfield. She doesn’t want to undermine David and Ruth, but she feels that she – and her children – have a right to that much. Phil especially can’t see the point, especially when she’s installed in a property like Lower Loxley. He points out that David and Ruth might be crippling themselves to even afford the current proposals, but Lizzie’s not convinced – she can’t agree that the proposals are reasonable.