The Frys like Woodbine Cottage and Eddie’s got some, doubtless illegal, scheme on the go ….

Radio Times: Bert has to hand it to Jason.

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  • Shula’s clearing up lots of rubbish from the churchyard, she blames bored teenagers who are getting the blame for Brian’s broken car window, too. Joe wanders up while out walking Mrs Antrobus’ dogs and, almost surprised, agrees over the issue of the window … he’s really enjoying walking the dogs. He mentions running out of choc drops for them and Shula picks some up later – sympathising over chocolate withdrawl!
  • One Brookfield problem is resolved – Bert and Freda are very happy with the refurbished Woodbine Cottage and are moving back as soon as possible – but serveral others remain. Phil doesn’t want to capitulate, but neither does Jill want to put too much strain on Lizzie’s heart.
  • Jolene calls Sid at work, she’s desperate to see him, but he’s trying to run a pub! He’s also collecting signatures for the “Save the Grundy” petition, which Phil doesn’t seem to want to sign …
  • Eddie’s hatching a plot, he needs to borrow Joe’s wellies because it involves deep water. It also involves buckets, being out very late and Snatch Foster … and Joe’s really doesn’t want to know.