Eddie’s up to something fishy and Lizzie’s adamant that she’s in the right over her inheritence.

Radio Times: Clarrie is gutted.

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  • Eddie’s home very late. Or, rather, very early – it’s 4am and he’s wet and smells. The next morning Clarrie finds out why as she berates him for leaving fish guts over the kitchen floor and several hundred trout in her freezer. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why they might have come from – the Home Farm fishing lake, but Eddie’s happy about this: Brian’s stolen their roof and he won’t miss a few fish. Clarrie’s less happy, but isn’t up to arguing.
  • Debbie and Simon are planning their small wedding – the registry office a little after Easter. She would like to tell Roger, her real father, but doesn’t want to invite him to the wedding. She’s not sure about Brian, either – ignoring him seems like a good idea at the moment.
  • Lower Loxley’s commercialisation continues apace: Lewis is popping over to look at the plans for conversion of the Orangery into a restaurant, Liam has the shop under control (although it will sell items that are too knick-knackky for Julia’s liking, she’d prefer more classy gifts like crested place mats and specially commissioned bone china crockery) and they’ve got Local Radio star Wayne Foley to open the tree top walk on Sunday.
  • Lizzie has been in touch with her accountant for advice over Brookfield. She wants some facts and figures to go back to her parents for. She’s sure David doesn’t know about her concerns, but that’s Phil and Jill’s fault, apparently, for not involving her in the decision of what their will should contain.