Pat and Tony’s shop is stalled for lack of premises and Sid almost gets his hands burned for being so late.

Radio Times: Sid gets some shut-eye.

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  • Pat’s been looking at plenty of possible properties for their shop venture, but is having trouble finding somewhere. Meanwhile Helen thinks that they should get on the web as soon as possible. Her parents are organising her 21st (in a couple of weeks) and are vaguely pleased that Tommy’s invited Lauren, his new squeeze, although where Kirsty is these days is a little bit of a mystery. Tony would also rather the DJ (a friend of Brenda’s from Radio Borsetshire) played old as well as new music, although it’s the first time in a while that I’ve heard Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon mentioned in the same sentence as Noddy Holder ….
  • David and Ruth are worried about telling Phil about their plans for the 21st century Brookfield. They’re even worried that they might not be able to afford to keep Bert on.
  • When in the Bull for supper Pat signs (and puts her address) on the Save the Grundy petition. Meanwhile Kathy’s getting a little woried about Sid, who’s later than normal getting back from the gym.
  • And we all know why. An afternoon liason with Jolene turns into some exhaustion induced sleep and, suddenly, it’s midnight. Jolene hadn’t woken him up and he’s not at all pleased about that … she’s not making too much of an effort of keeping him from getting caught, but he’s getting too good at this game, turning up at home (just as Kathy was calling the police) with oil all over his shirt and blaming the fuel line in the engine and, without a mobile phone, he was stuck. Kathy’s just glad he’s home and safe and he promises it’ll never happen again …