Brian cannot give Debbie his blessing and William warns Eddie to stay away from Home Farm.

Radio Times: A slap in the face for William.

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  • William and Brian are near the lake, looking at the poachers’ tyre tracks. Brian’s fuming and has written off seeing the fish again and isn’t hopeful that the police will turn up anything. Jennifer turns up to tell Brian about Debbie having confirmed May 12th as her wedding day – but he couldn’t be less interested. (A nice cross-conversational piece: Jennifer said “It’s May 12th” to which Brian seemed to reply “I’ll call the police”!)
  • Kathy’s just about forgiven Sid his “breakdown” from last night – on the proviso that the car gets a service and he gets a new mobile.
  • William pops into the pub to talk to his mother – he’s furious at his father, after all, the freezer’s full of trout and it’s doesn’t take much to add two and two to make an Eddie-shaped four.
  • Jennifer would really rather Brian at least tried to give Debbie his blessing as it would mean a lot to both of them. Brian, though, can’t lie – he thinks she’s making a very large mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life.
  • The Grundys get a letter from Borchester Land confirming their eviction for April 28th and to compound Eddie’s mood, William comes storming in. By poaching on his patch, Eddie made it William’s business and while Eddie’s trying to act the father who would rather the child doesn’t meddle in his business, William’s having none of it. William warns Eddie to keep away from Home Farm as his job is not worth the risk ….