Caroline offers her help to the Grundys and Brookfield’s future is still in the balance, only David’s sure that Lizzie should have nothing to do with it!

Radio Times: Phil puts his foot in it.

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  • Caroline signs the Grundy petition before dropping by Grange Farm. One glimmer of good news, the council have decided that they’re not deliberately homeless and they will be rehoused, although where is anyone’s guess. In the meantime Caroline’s offer of storage for furniture is refused – they need the money, not somewhere to leave it. She offers to help, but what can she do? They’re still eating off the farm which means eggs from a broody chicken – and no trout! Clarrie thinks that William really shook Eddie up with his blast yesterday.
  • David’s noticed that Phil’s not signed the petition – and he’s not planning to either. As a matter of principle, he’s not convinced that it’s for the best, bad luck is one thing, but maybe the Grundys could have been better farmers.
  • That set their discussions on the future of Brookfield off badly. Phil did not take kindly to the proposal of losing the pigs. While profits are the key to the survival of the farm, their recent investment must count for something. Ruth’s not entirely convinced and cracks appeared in their united front when she compared the loss-making pigs to the break-even sheep. David doesn’t want to even countenance losing the sheep. As if it wasn’t rocky enough, when Phil mentioned that maybe Elizabeth should get a say, the avalanche started to rumble. As the whole issue of her and the twins’ inheritance came out, David exploded. He’s adamant that she should get nothing to do with the farm and, if his parents have tried and failed to get this matter across, then its his turn to talk to her …..