The tree top walk opens, but David and Lizzie cannot even start to agree over the Brookfield inheritence.

Radio Times: Wayne is stalled on the runway.

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  • After a very pleasant morning, Jill’s worried that David (who’s spoiling for a fight, having not being able to speak to Lizzie on the phone) will ruin their afternoon at Lower Loxley for the opening of the tree top walk.
  • Wayne Foley of Radio Borsetshire is talking with Nigel about what they’ll cover in their broadcast – Julia’s keen to have some of the family history covered, but Wayne doesn’t seem that interested. The tree top walk and the rare breeds section seem impressive.
  • David, having not seen sight nor sound of his sister, finally spots her (and holds her up, giving Julia the chance to Bore for Britain on the subject of her family, Wayne isn’t very good at cutting her off).
  • David wants Lizzie to understand the amount of effort that he and Ruth put into the farm and that she’s after profit without effort. She, though, wants him to understand that her children deserve their due (and that her situation at Lower Loxley is irrelevant). The last thing he wants is the farm to break up and will do nothing to hasten that end – while Lizzie cannot countenance anything that doesn’t give a portion of the farm to her or to her children. They part with angry words still ringing.