Caroline thinks of housing William and Neil’s sure that something’s up at Brookfield.

Radio Times: Neil’s arrival is delayed.

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  • Clarrie’s received some mystery news, but can’t seem to find anywhere to make a private phone call – not home, nor the out of order phone box, nor even Susan’s offer of the phone in the shop’s stockroom. Eddie, though, is feeling chipper because he’s flogged the trout (in Birmingham). He’s also acting suspiciously – not quite turning down, but being shifty on his availability, for work at Brookfield tomorrow.
  • It’s Caroline’s birthday and she’s going out for dinner with Shula, although not before receiving a present from William and being impressed with his general development. Over dinner she mentions that she wishes she could do more for the Grundys, although Shula points out that money would have only postponed the inevitable. Caroline wonders whether the rooms on the top floor of the Dower House might not make a self-contained flat for William? Shula recomends she think long and hard before taking that idea further.
  • Neil asks David when he will be needed to start full time with the pigs, but David fobs him off – Susan’s not amused with this news, although doesn’t kick off on a “I told you so” rant (for once). Neil suspects that there’s something going on ….