Pat and Tony might have found a shop and Sid and Jolene seem to have reached the end of their line.

Radio Times: Will Sid choose a flight plan?

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  • Pat’s found a great property for their shop, it’s everything they wanted and she’s very happy with it. Tony will get to see it tomorrow. What’s more it’s two doors down from a baker’s who caters and what better way to ingratiate yourself with new naighbours than to ask them to cater for Helen’s 21st?!
  • Clarrie makes her private phone call from Bridge Farm’s kitchen. She had ordered some turkey feed personally and the bill has arrived, only she hasn’t got the £300 and she ends up blubbing into the answering machine.
  • Jolene’s at the Bull for her line dancing classes and isn’t happy that Sid seems to have been ignoring her, which is no surprise as he’s still livid at the way she deliberately dropped him in it last week. She obviously wants him to take things to the next level, telling him that she loves him and while she knows he loves Jamie, how can he stay with Kathy now he doesn’t love her? Sid, very obviously, doesn’t agree with this conclusion and doesn’t want to be forced to choose, but choose he must and Jolene doesn’t seem to have left him with any other – they’re “splitting” up?