Brian discovers Lilian and Matt are competitors for the pub. Jill starts using email again.

Radio Times: A suspicious Brian turns detective while Jill has a secret to keep.

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  • Sabrina fluffed cashing the till last night and batted eyelids at Jim so he’d try and sort it out, although he denies that’s why he was contacted rather than today’s team leader, Jill. Susan’s unimpressed when she pops in. Jim and then Jill insist it’s all under control so she leaves them to it. She’s an important food hygiene course today.
  • Gerry and Brian are treated to lunch by those that want their business and afterwards they look at the Marquis of Granby. It’s agreed it has development potential and Borchester Land make an offer. Brian also hears of a couple of competitors, one an unknown; Amside Properties. A quick search at Companies House reveals its registered office is The Dower House. Lilian and Matt! That will make things interesting, says Gerry.
  • Kenton is surrounded by chaos at Jaxx. Organised chaos, he tells Jim. His mum asked him to pick up Nigel’s birthday present from the delivery van depot. He palms it off to Jim, taking the credit from Mum later.
  • Jill learns that Meriel sent her an email a week ago. She claims to have been too busy to read emails recently, but then has Daniel take her through the bits Phil used to do to start the PC until she reaches a familiar point. He shows her how to get her Christmas pictures off the camera too, including some of Phil, with party hat, dozing in a chair.

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