Brian fails to tell the truth. Lynda avoids the truth. Robert faces the truth.

Radio Times: The Snells tighten their belts.

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  • Robert’s failure to find another job is biting deep. He tells Lynda they can’t afford Grange Farm milk, Ambridge Farm organic vegetables – or Ambridge Hall. Lynda is aghast. The first two she could do without, at a pinch, but she won’t contemplate downsizing. Acidly, she points out that Robert still subsidises his daughter; not any more, says Robert. I told her last week it has to stop.
  • Brian casually tells Jennifer that she needn’t take him to the airport; he’ll leave his car there and be back on Friday. Somewhat unconvincingly, he tells her that his plans have changed and he won’t be able to see Debbie after all. Luckily for the philandering Brian, Jenny’s too absorbed in packing strawberries into the car for the market stall to take much notice.
  • Lynda suggests to Roy that they do away with agency staff at Grey Gables, and that she will work extra shifts so that guests can have continuity of care. Roy sees through this straight away, but has no reason to refuse. He and Caroline discuss the Snells’ problems, but Caroline says they must stop; Lynda would be mortified if she knew.
  • Lynda returns home to find that Robert has sacked their inefficient cleaner. She is humiliated when he tells her that Clarrie had told him how to buy half-price vegetables as the market shuts. She suggests finding a better paid job herself, but Robert insists that he will find something … eventually.
  • Brian arrives, not in Hungary, but in Germany and immediately rings Siobhán. He’ll see her first thing in the morning.

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