Siobhán makes Brian go on his way. Fallon makes Ed go home.

Radio Times: Brian enjoys a paternal moment.

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  • Clarrie begs Will to come to tea at Keeper’s Cottage and see Ed. He knows there’s no point, but since Clarrie is so insistent, he finally gives in. Will can’t resist rubbing it in that he sees Emma regularly, and when George runs back to Will, scared by Ed’s appearance, Ed rushes out of the room.
  • Brian enjoys a game of football with Ruaridh, but thinks Siobhán looks tired. She admits being a single parent again is hard, and Ruaridh misses Dieter, whose new girlfriend won’t let him visit. Brian suggests coming more regularly, but Siobhán reminds him he made his choice to stay with Jennifer, and it wouldn’t be right. She tells him to go and catch his flight.
  • Fallon calls to se Ed, but when Clarrie goes upstairs to call him, they find he’s run off. Fallon goes to find him, and predictably, he’s at the cider shed, much the worse for the scrumpy. Fallon stands up to Ed’s aggression, and refuses to let him ring Jazzer for more Crack. She makes Ed come home, whether he likes it or not. You’ve come so far, she says, and I’m not letting you slip back.

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