Clarrie has mixed emotions. Oliver has a milk business. Ed has a homecoming.

Radio Times: Eddie and Clarrie look to the future.

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  • The first bottling is happening at Grange Farm, and both Oliver and Mike are delighted with their new enterprise. Joe comes to have a look, and shares their enthusiasm. He declines a free Grange Farm Milk baseball cap, but takes one home for Ed. Jazzer turns up late, as usual.
  • A patio job is put on hold as Eddie prepares to welcome Ed back to Keeper’s Cottage. He knows things aren’t going to be easy, and tries to make Clarrie see this, but she’s too excited at the prospect of having Ed home to be realistic about the future.
  • Ed’s lost his appetite, and doesn’t want to go up to Grange Farm with Joe. He wants to see Jazzer, and Clarrie suggests asking Jazzer and Fallon for tea, since they saved Ed’s life. Ed isn’t keen on the idea, or on the visit to a drugs counsellor which Oliver has arranged.
  • David calls to borrow Oliver’s baler, and comments that Oliver must be relieved to have Ed out of his hair. Poor Oliver can only say that he feels he failed Ed.
  • Mike brings Joe back from Grange Farm, and meets Clarrie. There’s an obvious embarrassment between them, though Mike asks how things are. Clarrie sadly says things are better, but it’s clear that her feelings for Mike are still unsettling her.

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