Brian gets some worrying news. David does some serious fundraising.

Radio Times: Kenton sprouts some creativity.

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  • Kenton is remorseless in his pursuit of vegetable olympians, but to little effect. Even Oliver’s refusal to show himself up against the youth of Ambridge does little to curb Kenton’s enthusiasm.
  • Brian makes a great fuss about having to help with the strawberry picking, but Jennifer has no sympathy. Brian is sure the Ukrainian pickers are laughing at the sight of the boss on his hands and knees. He stops as soon as he possibly can, saying he has to call at the office.
  • David’s on a mission, too. He’s organising an auction in aid of the local school for children with special needs, and needs prizes. Matt’s offered a bottle of 24 year old Scotch, Oliver thinks he could offer a day with the hunt, and Caroline might well offer dinner for two at Grey Gables.
  • Emma thinks Kenton’s publicity is a bit lacklustre, so he goes charging off to Home Farm with his vegetable logo, to ask Jennifer to photograph it. His arrival saves Brian from having to explain where he’s been for so long. But he tells David the truth; Siobhán and Dieter have split up, and he’s worried about Siobhán and Ruaridh. He thinks he should go to Germany to see them. David is appalled, and says he must tell Jennifer about this before she hears it elsewhere. Brian refuses to heed David’s advice; he must go to Siobhán and Jennifer mustn’t know.

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