Daniel sees stars. Nigel suffers a loss.

Radio Times: Alistair feels like a happy camper.

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  • The Hebden-Lloyds prepare for their holiday in Cornwall by putting the tent up at the stables. Daniel is very excited, but when Alistair tries to assemble the camping stove, it falls to bits. Luckily Phil has some firewood, and when they manage to create a good blaze, Alistair demonstrates his boy scout technique by baking potatoes in empty drink cans.
  • Nigel says goodnight to Charlie and recalls all the scrapes she got into as a pup. She licks his hand and with violins playing softly in the background, enters the doggy heaven.
  • The violins are playing in the Hebden-Lloyd tent, too. Little Daniel wakes up to look at the stars, and asks Alistair whether the bird he can hear is a nightingale. In a tender moment, Daniel and Alistair demonstrate their combined knowledge of the stars, and Daniel declares that he loves camping.

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