Oliver gets some bad news. Clarrie is still waiting for news. Kenton has some news to impart.

Radio Times: There’s spilt milk at Grange Farm.

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  • Oliver’s feeling upset. The Environmental Health tests revealed that his pasteurisation unit is malfunctioning, and until it’s fixed, he can’t sell any milk.
  • On his way to take Jamie to Maypole practice, Kenton meets Clarrie, who’s very low. Having put his foot in it with a reference to the Grundy men and to Emma’s distress at Ed’s disappearance, Kenton tries to make amends, but Clarrie’s not interested.
  • Kenton embarks on an explanation of the symbolism of the maypole, and soon wishes he hadn’t. Jamie endures the first half of the rehearsal, but refuses to do any more. Kenton bribes him with a meal at the Bull.
  • Mike takes Oliver to the Bull to cheer him up. When Oliver reveals that a replacement part will cost £1600, Mike understands why he’s so down. Oliver goes off to phone Caroline, and Clarrie, whose customary good sense has returned, tells Mike not to worry; if Oliver was going to call it a day at the dairy, he wouldn’t be buying spare parts. Mike’s grateful.
  • Having failed miserably to enthuse Ambridge with his plans for the Vegetable Olympics, Kenton has a brainwave. He needs a sporting personality to take part, and he knows just who to ask.

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