Sam talks openly to Ruth. Adam refuses to talk openly to Ian.

Radio Times: Nigel goes down memory lane.

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  • As Sam and Ruth finish drying off the cows, Sam tells Ruth that he’s off to the Peak District on Saturday, but without Kirsty. Ruth starts to ask about his holiday, but is interrupted by Kenton, who has called to pick up a doggy sympathy card for Nigel and Elizabeth. Kenton drops a hint about his celebrity sportsman – Lord. They wonder whether it might be Seb Coe.
  • Adam delivers some strawberries to Grey Gables, along with the usual whinge about his heavy workload. He hasn’t got time for a coffee with Ian, of course.
  • At Lower Loxley, Charlie is interred with full doggy honours. Lizzie finds some old photographs of Nelson’s, so she, Nigel and Kenton reminisce happily over a drink or two.
  • Having got rid of Kenton, Ruth pursues the matter of Sam’s holiday. He admits he’s not sure about it. He and Kirsty don’t want the same things, and while he likes her a lot, she’s too full-on in the relationship. She clearly thinks he’s the one for her, but Sam’s not so sure. Ruth says she can understand why Kirsty is so keen on him.
  • Adam is pleased to find Ian still up when he gets home. He’s in romantic mood, but Ian wants to talk about the baby. Adam, yet again, refuses.

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