Ian and Madds make plans. Adam finds a business opportunity.

Radio Times: Ian does some baby talk.

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  • Ian and Madds meet as arranged. She asks Ian how Adam feels about the baby idea, and although Ian puts the best gloss on things, Madds realises that they will have to work hard to make him see things in a more positive light. Ian thinks part of the trouble is that Adam never knew his real father, and has identity issues.
  • Adam tells David about this year’s maze, which is to have an alien theme. David’s heard the ad on Radio Borsetshire, and likes it. Brian is less enthusiastic, and chivvies Adam to get on with the farm work.
  • Ian asks Madds what would happen if she were to meet a new partner. She assures him that as far as she’s concerned, Ian and the baby will be part of any package, and any prospective partner would have to accept that. Ian’s pleased, and says he’ll try to see the baby every week.
  • Even more morose than usual, Sam says he needs help drying some cows off. As David’s busy with the combining and Jill has the children, Ruth volunteers. She’s glad of an opportunity to keep up with the latest husbandry methods. Sam’s still moaning about having to leave the cows to a contract milker while he goes to Gozo.
  • Adam has a call from an old friend, Lonnie, who needs strawberries urgently. Initially Brian is full of arguments against the scheme, but when Adam points out that they can name their price and cut their usual overheads, Brian’s all for it. So, says Adam, can I put you and Mum down for a shift? After all, good managers lead by example.
  • Ian turns up to ask Adam out for a drink, but he says he’s far too busy. Ian asks Brian, who also declines. Sadly, Ian goes home alone.

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