Brian has a heart to heart with Kate.

Radio Times: Kate shows she’s still a daddy’s girl.

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  • Why is Eddie repairing the hen house at Brookfield, David asks. Because Jill asked him to. Now David is worrying that she didn’t ask him because of the atmosphere in the Archer household. When he talks to his mum, it transpires that she just doesn’t want them to feel that they need to look after her.
  • Jennifer is trying to entice Kate on a shopping trip, with Brian as babysitter for Sipho. Instead, she gets the babysitting job, after shopping; Brian will have his daughter to himself over lunch at The Bull. There he confronts her with his suspicion that something is wrong – and not just her spat with Adam. She admits that, while Lucas’ career is going well, she feels incomplete: a part-time parent and not even a proper wife. She doesn’t know what to do about it but somehow the visit home, revealing how much things have changed, has helped her to see the possibilities. Brian’s usual cure for all ills – a bit of money – isn’t turned down, though it’s not her principal problem.
  • Jill has some reassuring words for David about bringing up teenagers; they really have done a good job with Pip. Though he ought to reinstate her allowance rather than have her dependent on Jude’s money. Jill has noticed that the vegetable patch looks a bit sad and she has decided that she needs a project.
  • Back at Home Farm, Jennifer is rather disappointed with Brian’s report that Kate had nothing of great import to say. She is just sad about having to leave Phoebe. There is nothing to worry about, nothing at all.

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