Helen’s plans receive a set-back.

Radio Times: Usha embraces the Great Outdoors.

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  • The anti-biotics are doing their stuff and Alan is feeling better; he is sure he will be fine for Sunday. Shula has offered her donkey as in past years. Tonight’s volunteer for the tent, Nathan Booth, has cried off.
  • At Bridge Farm, Pat reports that she has seen the ‘for sale’ signs outside Nightingale Farm – already! And she warns Tony that Helen will be calling in later to tell them about her appointment at the clinic, should Tony wish to make himself scarce.
  • Alan cannot find another volunteer and so is pitching his tent in the vicarage garden. Oh no! Usha will not allow it. She will sleep in it herself.
  • Helen has good news and bad news. She is absolutely fine but she may have to wait six months for a sperm donor – and finding her own wouldn’t help. She feels so let down, so does her mum. Tony on the other hand makes no attempt to disguise his joy; it will give Helen time to reflect – and maybe meet a nice young man! Helen doesn’t want a nice young man and she doesn’t want to reflect further; she wants a baby.
  • Kathy encounters Usha preparing her airbed, puncture newly repaired. She is invited to volunteer but declines. At least Usha feels she will not have Alan’s cough to keep her awake.

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