Brian is impressed with Alice and Christopher’s drive and determination.

Radio Times: Chris and Alice are celebrating. Meanwhile Jazzer feels tied to the kitchen sink.

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  • The Aldridges and the Carters are having a celebration to mark Christopher getting the business loan. But Brian is still annoyed with the BL Board about forcing the issue on early completion of the market. A few red faces there. Susan also has to justify why she is still working at the dairy and Clarrie isn’t.
  • Jazzer and Harry are cooking together for the evening – Harry even has Jazzer preparing the veg. But he gets stuck on the onion gravy and rings Jennifer for tips. And then after eating the meal, Harry leaves to meet Zofia and shocks Jazzer by leaving the washing up!
  • Jennifer isn’t impressed by Alice’s attempts to save money. She shouldn’t be buying in the cheap supermarkets. But Susan jumps to the conclusion that Jennifer is shopping there and she won’t be the only 4×4 in the car park.
  • Brian and Jennifer agree that they had a nice evening and the cheap food was really nice. She is still worried about the bank loan though. She isn’t happy that the cottage is being used as collateral. They could end up with anyone owning the cottage. Brian tells her not to be silly – if the worst came to the worst he would stop it happening and Christopher is a decent young man with drive and ambition. Alice has made the right choice. But he isn’t really interested in Ruairi and his new school. His thoughts are all on the market – the delay has gone on long enough as it is.

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