Pat is reaching being point over the business.

Radio Times: Alice is in an enterprising mood.

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  • Pat is pretty fed up with Susan constantly suggesting Brian should have put up the money for Chris’s business. She sounds as if she is about to explode when Environmental Health turn up for another spot check.
  • Brian is still fed up they haven’t sorted out the bones at the market site. Getting hold of people is a real problem. He’d hoped to have it all sorted by now.
  • Brenda is complaining about Pip daring to suggest ideas for marketing Bridge Farm – she’s the marketing expert, she knows all this stuff. Funnily she doesn’t actually seem to have done anything about it though. Pip pops round with some more ideas and Brenda is thoroughly dismissive about it.
  • Alice is wondering about maximising her strawberry sales – maybe chocolate dipped strawberries or something.
  • Later Brenda and Tom go to Bridge Farm for supper and Pat finally does explode. Their whole business is going down the pan and all they are doing is fiddling with the website. Brenda bursts into tears but it isn’t as if she has actually done anything to help.

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