Brian plans for the future. Lilian plans on getting a drink. Mike plans to get revenge on Ed.

Radio Times: Mark starts crying over spilt milk.

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  • Mike is still whingeing about damage to his milk round from Ed’s feeding regime. As agreed, Oliver tackles Ed about it, and seems satisfied that Ed has the problem under control. Mike is less conciliatory, and utters threats about what he’ll do to Ed if the milk continues to be tainted.
  • Out with the hunt, Lilian is in search of a strong stirrup cup, but her Lenten resolution is widely known, and no-one will allow her anywhere near alcohol.
  • Brian talks to Debbie about the future of Home Farm. His latest idea is to release capital and buy a place in South Africa. This sets alarm bells ringing in Hungary, and Debbie is quick to suggest alternatives. Oddly, they all involve Debbie being in charge and Adam being sidelined.

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