Ed decides to patch things up. Nigel manages to knock things down.

Radio Times: The ha-ha stops being funny for Nigel.

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  • Ed and Kathy arrive at the shop to find it closed. Then Susan arrives with George in tow. At first she ignores Ed, and chats to Kathy, but does manage a civil word, especially when Ed picks the runaway George up and tickles him.
  • Kathy still hankers after improvements to the shop at Lower Loxley, but can’t pin Elizabeth down, though she does say she’ll look at Kathy’s ideas sometime. Meanwhile Elizabeth has Eddie’s digger on her mind; it’s parked in the car park and they have conference guests arriving any minute.
  • Ed gives Fallon a hand at the Bull. She realises something is wrong, and Ed tells her about seeing George again, and how sad he feels about the way he messed things up. Sensible Fallon tells him he’ll have to heal the rift with Will, if only for Clarrie’s sake. Ed knows she’s right, and says he’ll try.
  • To calm Elizabeth down, Nigel decides to move the digger himself. Watched by the excited twins he sets off – and demolishes the shop in the process. Maybe Kathy will get her way after all.

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