Eddie is thwarted in his quest for a drink. Brian is thwarted in his quest for Siobhán.

Radio Times: Distance takes its toll on Brian and Siobhán

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  • Clarrie is determined that Eddie should stick to his Lenten pledge; she’s making steak and ale pie for supper – minus the ale. Fortunately for Clarrie, Eddie’s mind is on his digger and the damage Nigel has caused. He hurries over to Lower Loxley to see for himself.
  • Brian is desperate to speak to Siobhán, but his first clandestine attempt is foiled by Clarrie, who is in wistful mood, missing Ed, who has arrived safely in Paris, and looking forward to all that it offers.
  • Luckily for Eddie the digger is unscathed, though the shop will have to be shored up and the wall rebuilt. Elizabeth gives Eddie £20, which appears to please him. Meanwhile Kathy is delighted to hear that Elizabeth will, after all, consider her plans for the shop, since the Insurance will be paying up.
  • Eddie rushes off to the Three Tuns to spend his loot. But he, too, catches Brian trying to phone Siobhán. But Eddie is thwarted, too; Jazzer and Ed have been round all the pubs with a poster of Eddie, saying ‘Don’t serve this man’. They are determined that he will keep his pledge.
  • Clarrie goes up to Grange Farm, where Eddie is milking in Ed’s absence. She knows how hard it is for him to see someone else’s cows in the yard, and tells Eddie how proud she is of him, getting back on his feet after the bankruptcy. Eddie is touched, but admits that he finds it painful; he is still a farmer at heart. Clarrie thinks they should count their blessings; two sons in work and doing well, plus George, of course.
  • Brian finally makes contact with Siobhán, using Jennifer’s absence to call her on the farm phone. Siobhán is short and uncommunicative. She’s finding Ruaridh hard work; he doesn’t like his new childminder, but there is no alternative. Pompous Brian demands to be involved in Siobhán’s decisions. Wearily she tells him it’s a day to day matter, and hangs up.

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