Brian sounds distinctly uncertain about his future ; as do Alistair and Jazzer.

Radio Times: Jazzer looks to the future

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  • At The Bull, Brian and Neil are chewing the fat… Brian about handing over the reins to Adam at Home Farm and Neil about his new job at Berrow. The pigs are arriving next week and they will be interviewing for staff shortly. Brian moves away to take a phone call. Jazzer approaches to see what the talk of interviews was all about.
  • Alistair has finished tending to a cow at Bridge Farm and asks Tom about their new house guest. He admits to trying to keep out of the way, as does Tony. He has the distinct impression that Olwen doesn’t like him. The conversation moves on to Alistair and Shula with Tom saying that Clarrie mentioned that the split was mutual. This is news to Alistair. Tom tries to cover his tracks by offering Alistair a pint at The Bull.
  • Brian wishes Neil well, he has to leave. Jazzer is miffed that he didn’t know about the job advertisement for workers at Berrow Farm. He accuses Neil of pulling up the ladder having secured a good post for himself. What about the locals then? He quickly scribbles out an application and hands it to Neil. He’s not really inclined to accept it. On his way out, Brian’s finds himself engaged by Jim in an unwanted conversation about his retirement from farming. The day is saved by Tom and Alistair’s appearance. Brian sympathises with Alistair, saying that at least it must be easier being a mutual decision. Alistair is at the least, bemused.
  • Outside, Brian meets Alice. She tells him that she disagreed with the way that the partner vote went the other day. She just wanted him to know that. Back in the pub, Jazzer tells Tom that he’s applied to Berrow Farm for a job. He needs to keep an eye out for his future prospects. Tom tells him that working on a family farm holds out greater long-term possibilities rather than working for a large conglomerate. Alistair just can’t understand why Shula is spreading the story of mutual agreement. Jim wonders if she is angling for a more profitable divorce settlement. Alistair can’t believe that she would be so calculating. His father feels that he should think more about his future position. As Tom arrives with the drinks Alistair leaves. He needs to be on his own.
  • Brian and Alice enjoy a glass of wine. He understands her anger and should have been honest from the start but in truth he was embarrassed. He’s almost certain that the Environment Agency will prosecute. Alice asks if everything is OK. Surely the insurers will pay up. Brian is just not sure. She says that for her lifetime, her father has always been able to fix things, to put things right. He’ll be able to sort everything, won’t he? He remains uncomfortably quiet.

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